About Us

The Novelistas are a group of writers and friends who have been meeting once a month for the last several years. We have lunch in a pub restaurant and chat about our passion for writing fiction - in all its diverse, glorious forms. Founded by the popular bestselling novelist Trisha Ashley, the group also includes the much-loved authors Anne Bennett, June Francis and Annie Burrows. It has evolved over the years and members have come and gone, but some of us have been with the group for over a decade.

Many of the Novelistas are published authors, while others are on the brink. We support one another and give advice, and share our goals and aspirations. I dare any Novelista to say they have ever come away from one of our meetings uninspired! Every so often, and more increasingly this past couple of years, we have had book launches to share in our members' successes. Champagne, cake, chocolates, goody bags and book signings - who could ask for more?

As Big Bad Novelista Boss my inner control freak gets to bursts out, and my family sighs with relief that the focus isn't on them quite so much. But it would be impossible to lead the group without the assistance of my tireless deputies, the lovely Erika Woods and Louise Marley, and without the generosity of spirit shown by all the Novelistas, who I'm so blessed to know.

Hugs for you all,
Valerie-Anne x