Saturday, 15 March 2014

Book Launch for We That Are Left

Friday was the launch for Juliet Greenwood's new book, We That Are Left and the Novelistas gathered together to celebrate.

Juliet Greenwood with her brand new book, We That Are Left.
Books, cakes and goodie bags!
 Juliet Greenwood with June Francis.
 Juliet Greenwood with Trisha Ashley.
 Chocolate cake! This cake is suitable for vegans and is gluten-free and sugar-free. Recipe courtesy of Plant Based Alchemy.

Juliet' s seed cake. You can find the recipe on her blog.
We That are Left
Out now!

August 4th, 1914: ‘It was the day of champagne and raspberries, the day the world changed.’ Juliet Greenwood’s moving, thrilling novel honours the sacrifice of soldiers and civilians in World War I and captures how lives were changed afterwards, some destroyed, but some, with love and courage, rebuilt anew. Elin lives a luxurious but lonely life at Hiram Hall. Her husband Hugo loves her but he has never recovered from the Boer War. Now another war threatens to destroy everything she knows. With Hugo at the front, and her cousin Alice and friend Mouse working for the war effort, Elin has to learn to run the estate in Cornwall, growing much needed food, sharing her mother’s recipes and making new friends – and enemies. But when Mouse is in danger, Elin must face up to the horrors in France herself. And when the Great War is finally over, Elin’s battles prove to have only just begun.


  1. Thank you, ladies! I had a wonderful time - it's great to celebrate all that hard work with the best supportive author friends a writerly person could wish for :-) x

  2. It all looks gorgeous, a lovely event with a lovely group! Love from Honno.


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