Friday, 5 September 2014

Foreign Editions by Annie Burrows

On the first Friday of the month, Novelista Annie Burrows shares insights into the life of a writer - alphabetically.  This month she has reached F for...foreign editions

One of the great things about writing for Mills & Boon is that my books get translated into all sorts of languages.  It's always a terrific thrill when I receive my author copies of these books.  And also fascinating to see how marketing departments in various parts of the world go about trying to tempt readers to buy.

For example, here is the cover of the UK version of my story "The Viscount and the Virgin"  Lovely and romantic, clearly focussing on the fairy-tale wedding between my virginal heroine, and her hero.

And here is the American version of the same story - clearly focussing on the wedding night!

Many countries simply take the cover art from the first edition (usually UK), and put their own title and pricing details over it.

On the left, is the orignal cover for the UK edition of "His Cinderella Bride"

On the right, is the Greek translation.

Others go all out, creating fabulously images which hint at some of the details of the story within the covers.  Below is the Norwegian edition of "His Cinderella Bride".

But I think my favourites of all are the Japanese editions.  They are not only beautiful in themselves, but have an added air of mystery about them - opening from what I would consider the back, and with all that inscrutable text.  It took me some time, after receiving my 1st Japanese translation, to work out which book it had originally been. Now I know to consult the copyright page (which is at the back, no - front, no...well, at one end, anyway!)

Below is the Japanese translation of "My Lady Innocent" a story set in early Tudor England.

Not only do the Japanese produce (what I assume are) straightforward translations of my books, but they also do comic-book versions.

Manga cover of Never Trust a Rake
Manga cover of The Rake's Secret Son

 Above is a Japanese manga scene from "Never Trust a Rake"  On this page the hero and heroine are clearly having words - she looks as though she's slamming the door in his face.  Though I don't remember writing a scene where she does that!

Lord Havelock's List, Annie's latest story, is available now.


  1. I love the manga cover for Never Trust a Rake - although I don't remember the hero having a ponytail! Can you bring one in to our next meeting for a show and tell? I'd love to see one! x

  2. I don't remember the hero having a ponytail either. Nor do I remember the heroine slamming the door in his face - but there you go.
    I will definitely bring some mangas with me to next Novelistas meeting - see you there


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