Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hello from Louise Marley

Hello, I’m Louise Marley. I write novels (chick-lit mixed with crime) and short stories. I’m inspired by old houses and loud music, so it’s lucky I live in a very rural area with lots of history and no one to complain about the music apart from a few sheep.
When I’m working on a new book I like to take lots of photographs of possible settings and then create a virtual mood board to inspire me. My book Why Do Fools Fall In Love is set during the making of a costume drama in Bath. As part of my research I watched a lot of filming and the photo below was taken during the making of A Respectable Trade.
Although some people might call this procrastination ...


  1. I loved that lucky you were there to capture some of the making of it on film!

  2. I lived there! There was always loads of filming going on. I also took some shots of the cast of this production but it was underneath the trees in the Circle so they came out a bit dark


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