Tuesday, 18 September 2012

September Celebrations by Valerie-Anne Baglietto

The Novelistas seem to find any excuse to celebrate these days.  We're becoming dangerously accustomed to champagne and homemade cakes. But it's a tribute to our hard-working, determined and talented writers that our excuses are, on the whole, rather valid.

This month we were toasting the success on Kindle of Louise Marley's e-books. Having sold nearly sixty-thousand to date, she's spent weeks in the romantic suspense charts. (She also gets embarrassed rather easily, and tries to hide in photos.)

Juliet Greenwood has received much acclaim for her first novel with Honno Press, 'Eden's Garden', a moving, atmospheric, time-slip story. But not content with the beautiful paperback version, it was released on Kindle and soared into the historical fiction charts. To celebrate its success she baked a luscious chocolate cake. The Novelistas had to stoically resign themselves to expanding their waistlines and quaffing yet more champagne. *Sigh*

Although we were down to nine this month, we didn't let that stop us. We never do. Funny that. But we always miss the members who can't be with us. Hopefully we'll have a full house next month, when we'll be celebrating . . . um . . . Halloween or something.

Entranced by the cake-cutting ceremony

Bye for now!
Love the NW Novelistas x


  1. Chocolate cake?
    Now if you'd said, I'd have written a novel and not an article for my trade mag! :)

    Congrats to all!

  2. I am so confiscating that camera x

  3. Well done to everyone! May you always celebrate with cake and champagne. I'm from Lancashire originally, and though I' ve lived most of my life in the Midlands now (over thirty years!!) I still get homesick for the North-West. Northern girls know how to have the best times!

    Lilian B.

  4. It's a lovely picture of you Louise. I quite like the back of my head too - hair looks a lot better than I expected it would!

  5. And we're usually celebrating something, Lillian. Can you really celebrate without cake?


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