Monday, 13 October 2014

Where I Write by Annie Burrows

Over the next few weeks the Novelistas are going to be giving us a sneak peek into their writing hovels spaces. First to spill the beans on where she writes is Annie Burrows:  

Not long since, I moved into a new house. I quickly purloined a small bedroom, filled it with bookshelves, and proclaimed it my "study" (doesn't that sound grand).

In one corner, I put one of those ergonomic chairs supposed to support your back while typing. I type on a laptop. On my lap. Though the chair came with a footstool, I only use the footstool for storing my laptop when I'm not typing. The chair is next to a shelf, on which I keep things I might need during the writing process handy: pens, paper clips, toffees, chewing gum, calculator (to work out if my word count is on target!) and a kitchen timer. After one too many trips to the chiropractor, it makes sure I get up every hour, and stretch. (For stretch, read make a cup of tea/load dishwasher/maybe even hoover something if writing is getting too hard).

You will also see lots of translations of my books. These give me the confidence to keep going when things get tough.  After all, people in all these countries enjoyed my stories (or at least, they bought the book).

On a table on my other side I keep the reference books I'm using for my current w.i.p. The books most frequently on this table are a dictionary (in case I use a word the computer queries, and I then wonder if it really means what I think it means) and a handy set of etymology of words and phrases.  I can't have Regency heroines using language that didn't come into common use until the 1940's, can I?

And on the floor you can see the printout of my latest draft, which I'm going through again, attempting to make it an enjoyable read.

Annie's latest release in paperback is with Harlequin Mills & Boon: 
"Lord Havelock's List" is available here
twitter: @NovelistaAnnie

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